Fishing the Fens - tackle basics

Tackle's a personal thing, just make sure it's up to the job. Rods need to be in the 2.5lbs - 3lbs test curve bracket, while most team them up with Baitrunner reels.

If you use mono, go for 15lbs. More and more anglers are using braid these days, because it seems to soak up all the abuse you throw at it. Fireline in 30lbs or Powerpro in 50 or 65lbs are popular choices.

Whatever you plump for as far as rods, reels and line are concerned, make sure you use strong, reliable hooks like Owners, VMC round-bends, or Pikepro or Drennan trebles.

Wire is another personal thing, but American Fishing Wire and Veals both offer robust wires, along with specialist suppliers like Eddie Turner and Dave Lumb.

We can show you how to make a strong, reliable trace. Making your own is cheaper than buying ready-mades.
Make sure you have an adequate landing net, along with an unhooking mat and the basic tools to quickly deal with a pike - ideally a pair of long-nosed locking forceps, a pair of long-handled pliers and a set of cutters.

Pike look fearsome, but they're fragile creatures. Their welfare starts before you even get a run, with adequate bite indication and prompt striking the best way to avoid deep hooking.

There's a wealth of info on the PAC website - click here to visit. One of our members also has a blog with a lot of tips and info here.

We're always happy to take newcomers out to show them the basic rigs and how to handle and unhook the pike. Don't be afraid to ask - we all had to start somewhere.

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