Thursday, December 22, 2011

January meeting special guest is Mick Brown

Our special guest for January is the one and only Mick Brown.

Mick's been at the forefront of predator fishing for more than 20 years and is probably one of the best all-round pike anglers out there.

Needless to say, this is going to be an evening not to be missed and we're expecting a bumper turnout.

It's at the Wm Burt Club, West Winch, on Thursday, January 26 (7.30pm). We're having the meeting on a Thursday, because we can get the biggest room at the venue - please also note the slightly earlier start.

Got anything for our gallery..?

We started a gallery when we started this website, so we could host a few members' pictures. We know a few people have had decent fish of late, as things have been quietly picking up out there.

They don't have to be monsters. A fish you enjoyed catching, a pretty double or even a youngster's first jack are all worth sharing if they made someone smile.

You don't have to say where or when it was caught, just a few lines - ie drain pike on herring, only run of a slow day - will do.

Click here to see the pics uploaded so far. To add yours, e-mail it to kingslynnpac(at)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Derrick Amies - an interesting evening all round

We had high hopes we'd have a very different, even off-beat evening's entertainment when Derrick made the journey over from Gorleston to see us.

That proved to be spot-on, as the former record holder, who learned to fish the Broads with Norfolk legend Dennis Pye, got going.

He outlined his unique dumbell method, which he uses to systematically search out shallow bays for bigger fish - along with his thoughts on location and the kind of conditions that get them on the feed.

Thanks for a great evening Derrick - it gave everyone plenty to think about.

Speaker TBA for nedxt meeting, but it'll be at the Wm Burt in late January. Watch this space for details. And have a good Christmas - along with (hopefully...) a few pike.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Derrick Amies talk on Monday night

The wind may blow, come rain and snow - Derrick Amies has seen some mucky old weather in his time.

He's seen some very big old pike in his time too, including the record fish he had off the Thurne a few years back.

He's coming to Lynn (well, West Winch...) to tell us all about them on Monday night. It's at the Wm Burt, 7.30pm - click here for more details.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bob Harrod wins King's Lynn Christmas Pike Match

Bob Harrod went home £300 richer after winning our Christmas Pike Match with this 14lbs 6oz fish.

Bob's been in the wars a bit one way and another lately, so great to see things go his way today.

Nineteen diehards braved the gloomy conditions for today's bash on the Ouse at Ten Mile.

Bob ignored the favoured swims, dropping in a peg near Modney Bridge. He had his only run of the day an hour or so into the match on legered sardine.

Jordan Brown landed the only other fish caught, nicking a seven pounder on one of his old man Ashley's rods.

One competitor came all the way from Cheltenham to take part. Two juniors also stuck it out - Jordan and young Charlie, from Narborough, who tried his heart out all day.

Both youngsters are getting junior PAC memberships on us, to say well done for trying, on a day when the old fellas struggled.

Don't forget the next meeting's a week Monday, December 19, at the Wm Burt (7.30pm). Derrick Amies is guest speaker, which should make for an interesting evening. Click here for a bit more about that.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Derrick Amies talk in King's Lynn

And now for something completely different, like they used to say when Monty Python was a lad.

We've got former pike record holder Derrick Amies coming along to our next meeting on at the Wm Burt on Monday, December 19 (7.30pm).

He fished with the legendary Dennis Pye as a lad, learning the craft on the Thurne system.

Together they evolved the dumbell method of fishing livebaits. It flies in the face of the way most of us fish today, but it's caught a lot of big pike and on the right water, it's devastating.

It might just make for a fascinating evening - Derrick will be bringing a few bits and bobs with him, along with copies of his book.

There's more on that and Derrick in an interview from Pikelines, click here to read it.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Thanks to Neville for a great talk

Thanks to Neville for an interesting evening's entertainment - despite the odd hiccup on the technical front.

Best bit..? Was it barbel on lamprey (shh...), Nev's forthright views, or the Al Rawlings's trigger - wait until the temps start dropping and hit a water for 72 hours non-stop.

Talking of hiccups, we plan to get the technical side of things sorted before our next talk, which is Derrick Amies on Monday, December 19 - same place, same time.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas predator bash at Ten Mile Bank

 TEN MILE BANK: Venue for the King's Lynn PAC Christmas Bash

Good King Wenceslas looked out, on the Feast of Stephen. Sod gathering winter fuel for a game of soldiers, he said. I'm off to Ten Mile Bank - where there are shekels up for grabs in the King's Lynn PAC Christmas Bash.

There's a £250 first prize, plus £50 for the biggest fish on offer in a roving pike comp organised in conjunction with our friends at King's Lynn AA. They're lending us their bit of river on Sunday, December 11, for a social with a difference.

All predators count, meaning pike, zander and perch can all add towards your total weight. It's £15 a ticket, draw at the EA car park at Denver 8am, fish 9am - 3pm and meet back at the Jenyns Arms from 4pm for prizes.

It's a rover, meaning up to you whether you fish with baits or lures, plot up in a spot you fancy or stay on the move - KLAA rules must be followed (apart from the one that says predators don't count in matches...), and it goes without saying anyone taking part should have adequate gear, all the unhooking tools etc.

More info from Ashley at our next meeting at the Wm Burt Club on Wednesday, November 30.  If you can't make it, text him to book a place on 07876 491748.

Thanks to Lynn AA for their support.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Building Bridges lure match at Ferry Meadows

A lure match is being held at Ferry Meadows on Saturday, November 26, as part of a project to integrate Eastern European and British anglers.
It's being organised by Rado Papiewski, the Angling Trust's Building Bridges project manager.
Registration will start at 8.30 am with fishing starting from 9.00am - 1pm.
"Prizes and bbq will take place at 2pm so we will have some time to discuss the catches and exchange some experience," said Rado.
Entry is £10, plus £5 day ticket. For more information or to book a place, e-mail . Click here for more on the venue.

EA puts aerators in River Wissey after fish kill

A major fish kill may have been averted on the Wissey after the Environment Agency deployed aerators to boost oxygen levels in the river.

Fisheries officers stepped in after fish including more than 50 large bream, roach, tench and pike  were found dead on Wissey Pools.

Tests revealed low oxygen  levels, believed to have been caused by low flows during the ongoing drought. The EA has placed aerators near Wissington bridge and at Hilgay (left).

Experts are now monitoring the river daily. 

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Neville Fickling talk at King's Lynn PAC

There can't be many people who've had a bigger influence on the modern pike fishing scene than Neville Fickling.

He's a Lynn lad who started his career on our local drains and rivers in the 1970s and went on to catch a record 41lbs pike from Norfolk's River Thurne, in 1985.

That record's long since fallen, but Neville's had a string of big fish since, amassing a total of more than 300 20lbs-plus specimens along the way.

How does he do it..? You can find out at our next meeting, which is being held at the Wm Burt Club, West Winch, on Wednesday, November 30 (7.30pm). Admission is £2 for PAC members/£3 non-members.

This is bound to be a big, big night. And knowing Neville, it'll be a night when everyone's going to take away a few new tips and ideas; whether it's on how to fish the dreaded drains, to tackling trout ressies.

We're looking foward to this one. See you there. 

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Rain at last - can we have some more please

We've had some rain at last. Not enough to bring any colour to our drought-ravaged rivers and drains, but enough to get the Cut-Off flowing along gently today.

A few bits of duck weed were coming down the drain as well - meaning the baits needed a re-cast every 10 minutes or so to stop in building up on the line.

This can be a bit pricey if you're using sardines as bait.

Elsewhere bits of the Cut are still solid with the dreaded blanket weed. The Middle Level's looking nice, running clear but weed-free.

The Ouse was clear and standing, with a nice ripple on it and few anglers apart from a few around the Chapel.  

Friday, November 04, 2011

Old Bedford River latest

You heard it from the horse's mouth at our meeting - now the Environment Agency has responded to fears over the state of the Old Bedford River.

Click here to read their response to the story in Wednesday's EDP. 

Hands up who believes 'em, bearing in mind some of the other horror stories we heard about the EA's lack of action on other fronts.

As  Denis Moules outlined at the meeting, we all need to be the eyes and ears when it comes to what's happening to our waters and those who abuse them - be they EA officials more intent on ticking boxes than taking action, or those intent on making a quick buck by gill-netting them.

Farewell to much-loved Pentney bailiff John Block

Pentney Lakes, where John Block was the much-loved warden

Norfolk's countryside lost one of its true characters when John Block lost his battle with cancer, writes Chris Bishop.

He was as old as the hills and he lived on steak and potatoes, washed down with the odd whisky or two, in a cabin in the woods at Pentney Lakes, where he was on-site warden after retiring from farming.

John wasn't a man for the indoor life. He knew the wildlife above and beneath the surface like the back of his leathery hands.

His wry observations on life and the many anglers who crossed his path peppered our bankside chats like buckshot - not to mention the occasional brush with officialdom.

"You won't catch 'em here - they're all over there," he said countless times, pointing off to some distant swim. "I keep telling you boys you're in the wrong place but no-one listens to Old John."

With his ancient spaniel Mr Fonty plodding along behind, he did his rounds on an electric mobility scooter for the last  couple of winters as age and illness finally began to overtake him.

This silent mode of transport meant he could creep up right behind you and make you jump out of your skin, before he'd disappear in a fog of cigar smoke, laughing like a drain.

Not so long ago, he'd be thundering up the Coast Road to Hunstanton on his Harley Davidson on fine afternoons. He never took his 'Hawg out when it rained.

But he'd be out beside his beloved lakes through the worst of the winter, pondering nature's comings and goings with our rag tag crew even when he knew his days were numbered.

His vice-like grip had loosened a notch or two when we shook hands at the end of last season. "Don't you worry, I'll see you come September," he said.

John died on October 29, surrounded by his family. When I heard he'd left us, I thought about leaving a wreath in the Barbecue Swim, but somehow that wasn't John. I went fishing elsewhere, leaving the pike in Pentney in peace.

As dusk fell over the Fens and I wound the baits in, the geese cried like they were mourning a lost friend. I poured a whisky, mouthed a toast and threw the rest in the river, before I packed the rods away in tears.

John left a lasting mark on many anglers. His funeral is at Mintlyn Crematorium on Wednesday, November 9 (4pm). Family flowers only, donations to Cancer Research UK.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Fears for fish stocks in the Old Bedford

Once a prolific pike fishery, EA surveys reveal fish stocks have fallen by more than 90% in parts of the Old Bedford River.

Lower reaches of the drain have become heavily-silted, from dirty water allowed to flow in from the tidal river to replenish levels after abstraction.

More on the crisis-hit Bedford here.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Denis does us proud, as more than 50 turn out

Huge thanks to Denis Moules, who did us proud last night with a cracking presentation on Fenland pike fishing.

Digger covered everything from the early days to some big fish which he and friends have caught in recent seasons from the drains and rivers.

He also had us in stitches with his thoughts on baits. "The lads I fish with have a name for 'em - horse's cocks," he explained. Then there was the guy they call the Japanese sniper and his encounter with an amorous collie in a farmyard, prior to a strange tasting brew. Priceless.

More than 50 turned out for the re-vamped region's first meeting at the Wm Burt Club, West Winch.  They ranged from several local stalwarts to friends from as far afield as Norwich and Cambridge, plus a sprinkling of newcomers and people thinking of making a return to the local pike fishing scene.

Next meeting is at the Wm Burt Club on Wednesday, November 30, when Neville Fickling will be our special guest for another not to be missed evening's entertainment.

Thanks to everyone who came along last night. See you next month.

Chris & Ash. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Denis Moules talk at King's Lynn PAC

We've got our first meeting for several seasons at the Wm Burt Club, West Winch, on Wednesday night (7.30pm). Our special guest is the doyen of Fen pike anglers Denis Moules, who'll be giving a talk on fishing the rivers and drains which have brought him a string of 20lbs-plus pike over the years.

Denis has a very mobile approach to his fishing, which clearly works when you look at his catches. There's a bit more about him here

Take it from us, it's going to be a cracking night which will set you back just £1 if you're a PAC member, and £2 if you're not. It's the first meeting of a winter programme which includes Neville Fickling and Derrick Amies - two anglers who have both held the record during their pike fishing careers.

You can find out more about forthcoming meetings and other activities on Wednesday night. There's also some grown-up stuff we want to talk to pike anglers about too - like what would you like to see from the PAC locally.

Then there's the state of one of our local drains that's suffering badly after the summer drought - and setting up a River Watch in partnership with one or two other bodies, to step up the campaign against people using gill nets and other wholesale means of fish removal. See you there.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gallery updated with two 28lbs pike

RO Ashley Brown had two 28lbs pike last season - plus a repeat capture of one of the fish at 27lbs.

We've added them to our gallery - click here to see them and one or two other nice catches.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Derrick Amies talk confirmed

He fished with Norfolk legend Dennis Pye and went on to catch a record pike. Derrick Amies is coming up to give us a talk on Monday, December 19 - and we have a feeling it's going to be a belting evening.

Why..? Because Derrick has some ideas about pike fishing which fly in the face of accepted wisdom. And he's caught some seriously big fish using his dumbell floats to steer his baits in their direction.

Here's an interview he did with Pikelines a few years back, to give you a flavour of the man and his unique methods.Click here to read it.

Derrick will be at the Wm Burt Club, West Winch on Monday, December 19 (7.30pm).

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NEW King's Lynn PAC Gallery

We've just set up a gallery. Just click here to have a look and to see how to upload your own pictures.

They don't have to be monsters or come with details of where you caught 'em if you'd rather not.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Denis Moules - a piker's pike angler

A piker's pike angler - Denis Moules with a recent capture

Denis Moules is our special guest as we re-launch the region at the Wm Burt Club, West Winch, on October 26. Here's a taste of what you can expect when Digger hits the oche.

"My late father took me fishing from the age of five," he said. "We fished on most of the Fenland drains around Walton Highway where I was born. Dad’s favourite places were the Middle Level, Relief Channel
and Morton’s Leam. When I was old enough dad took me pike fishing at Morton’s Leam.

"We would spin with Colorado spoons using a large centre pin reel and tank aerial rod. We caught nothing but a seed was sown. As I grew up I was allowed to cycle to the Middle Level and my younger brother
Roger tagged along. We caught lots of pike but thankfully none were big as mother used them for
the table.

"I went to boarding school at Holt Hall in 1963 and whilst there read regularly of Dennis Pye’s
Broadland captures and this made a big impact on me. There was a copy of Dennis’s book “The Way
I Fish” in the Library and I read it to death.

"As I grew up I played football and cricket for my village and other clubs and pike fishing dropped
down my list a bit. I eventually joined the Police Force and moved to Cambridge in 1968. I continued
to pike fish when possible and when a severe knee injury curtailed my football I began to pike fish
big time.

"The Fens were on fire and I visited places where my father had taken me years before. My first 20
came from the Relief Channel just south of Downham Bridge and a few days later I caught one of 24
lbs. from the Old West. The Fenland drains are up and down but one of the most important things I
have learned is that the good swims will return to life eventually

"I basically taught myself to pike fish but learned a lot from Ray Webb and Barrie Rickard’s
book “Fishing for Big Pike”. I got to know Barrie and he informed me he with others was forming the
PAC. I have been a member from day one eventually becoming Regional Organiser for Cambridge
and then Liaison Officer for East Anglia.

"I usually fished with my own pals but got to know all the stars of the 1970’s. Bob Church and John
Mc Angus became good friends and on occasions I fished with them. Bill Chillingworth was always
one step ahead of most but had his own select band of friends.

"Over the years I have fished most of Fenlands waters. I now have 104 pike over 20 lbs. topped by
one of 31 lbs. 8 Oz’s. At present I am catching some very good pike from one or two drains. The Fens
are never producing big pike from every drain, so it pays to have good knowledge of several.

"I am often asked if the pike fishing is as good as it was in the 1970s. This is a hard one to answer but
the answer is yes, but you have to work hard and have a lot of good information or long experience
to reach the heights of the 1970s

"I have written two books – “The Fenland Thirties – A History of Fenland Pike” and “Fenland Pike”
with Mark Barrett. Both have been outstanding successes and very popular in piking circles

"I am a great believer in putting something back into the sport and represent the PAC on the Lower
Great Ouse and Fenland Fisheries Consultative. Here we make representations to the EA about the
Fenland Drains and highlight what we think is wrong.

"Recently a new by - pass pump has been constructed at Welmore Sluice on the Delph to rapidly
remove flood water from the Ouse washes. This should prevent future pollutions on this drain. Also,
the John Rennie sluice at Denver has been de - silted which should help the Relief Channel return to
its former glory. These projects were undertaken as a result of my representations to LGOFFC.

"At present I am working closely with Ashley Brown of Kings Lynn AA and PAC to highlight long
underlying problems with the Old Bedford. This has suffered badly as a fishery in recent years
(EA surveys confirm this). Local Angling Trust officials are also actively involved. As the man
said: “Nothing escapes the eye of a lone pike fisherman”!

"My talk and digital presentation is titled “A life with Fenland Pike” - my pike fishing from day one. I
will also be selling signed copies of my book."

Denis will be our special guest at the Wm Burt Club, West Winch, on Wednesday, October 26 (7.30pm). All are welcome - you don't have to be a PAC member to attend.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Derrick Amies is heading for King's Lynn

NORFOLK LEGENDS: Dennis Pye and a young Derrick Amies

We collared Derrick at the Convention and he's agreed to come and do a talk at one of our meetings and bring some of his memorabilia and famous dumbell floats along.

Derrick was taken under the wing of legendary Broads pike angler Denis Pye as a young lad. He went on to eclipse Pye's captures and catch a record pike. There's a full interview with Derrick from Pikelines here - it's an amazing story.

Derrick's methods and thoughts on finding pike are individual and fly in the face of many of our modern assumptions.

Yet few have tried the dumbell method of steering a livebait, which he perfected fishing the Broads with Dennis Pye - how would we fare giving it a go on the rivers and drains of the Fens..? 

Date-wise, Derrick's talk is probably going to be in December - check back for details nearer the time.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

PAC Convention was a great day out

Pike anglers from across the Fens and further afield enjoyed a top day out at the PAC Convention at Kettering.

Numbers were well up on last year, at an event which always seems to cram so much into a few short hours.

Piking2012 is being held in Harrogate, on September 22 - a bit further to travel from Lynn, but we're sure it will be well worth the trip.

No idea who they've got on the speaker front next year, but the three main speakers at Kettering laid on three cracking talks. Click here for a report on the PAC blog.

Don't forget our programme of winter meetings kicks off with Denis Moules at the Wm Burt Club on Wednesday, October 26. Click here for more about that - or come back nearer the time for an exclusive interview with Denis.

Monday, September 26, 2011

It's this weekend, folks...

Trade stands include Fox International, Vale Royal Angling, the Tackle Shop (Gainsborough), Zoota Lures, Franglais Fishing, Dave Garner (lures), Dave Lumb Specialist Tackle, Baitbox, Pikepro, Eddie Turner, Coch-y-Bonddhu (books), Derrick Amies (book), Karen Sarkar (art), Zandervan, Chico's Lures, the Pike Shop, Dave Smith Ultralures, Esox on Ice, Bob Buteaux, Fenland Pike (book), Graham Booth (book), Mick Brown (book), David Miller Art and Catfish Pro.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Full programme for PAC Convention

Over on the Pikelines Blog, they've just published the full programme for the PAC Convention, which is being held at Kettering Conference Centre (left) on Saturday week (October 1..).

It promises to be a good one this year, with some great speakers and around 30 trade stalls - not to mention the junior teach-ins going on through the day. Click here for more. It's not a million miles from King's Lynn either - 65 more like.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Slow start to season in the Fens

Anyone else been out and about yet..? The rivers are clear and sluggish - when they're flowing at all, that is.

Fairly obvious why that is (see clue, left...). And it's going to take weeks of rain to put that right. Fishing's been sluggish too - odd jacks and low doubles out here and there.

One forecast reckons we're in for another cold winter, with snow on the way next month. There's even going to be an ice fishing guide - as in build igloo, drill holes and fish through 'em - at the PAC Convention next week.

Lots of other stalls make the event worth a look - as in Fox International, Vale Royal Angling, the Tackle Shop (Gainsborough), Zoota Lures, Franglais Fishing, Dave Garner (lures), Dave Lumb Specialist Tackle, Baitbox, Pikepro, Eddie Turner, Coch-y-Bonddhu (books), Derrick Amies (book), Karen Sarkar (art), Zandervan, Chico's Lures, the Pike Shop, Dave Smith Ultralures, Esox on Ice, Bob Buteaux, Fenland Pike (book), Graham Booth (book), Mick Brown (book), David Miller Art and Catfish Pro.

It's at Kettering Conference Centre on Saturday, October 1 - for more details click here.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

As autumn hits the Fens, what will the winter bring..?

Autumn's here - as you'll already know if you've been out in the Fens today.

Some reckon it's the best time for pike fishing, as they feed up ready for the winter ahead. Others reckon you need a few good frosts to kill the weed, before it's worth venturing onto the rivers and drains.

We had frosts a-plenty last winter. Not to mention snow and a good old freexe-up that seemed to go on for weeks.

It's a bit early to start predicting what the weather's going to do - let alone the pike. While many struggled last winter, there were enough good fish coming out to keep those tuned into the grapevine keen.

Where things will differ this winter is we're having meetings again for the first time in several seasons. That means get-togethers with some top-name speakers, plus the chance to meet other pike anglers and pick their brains.

Denis Moules will be on the oche for our first one, at the Wm Burt Club at West Wiuch on Wednesday, October 26 (7.30pm). We've got Neville Fickling lined up for the November 30 (same venue), plus more speakers in the pipeline.

Don't miss out. Subscribe to our blog to get an e-mail every time it's updated. Or follow @kingslynnpac on Twitter.

Two top pike anglers head for King's Lynn

Denis Moules will be guest speaker at our first meeting for several seasons, at the Burt Club in West Winch on Wednesday, October 26.

Name a water in the Fens and the chances are he's fished it - and probably added to his lengthy tally of 20lbs plus pike while he was at it.

Denis is someone who has inspired many of the current crop of Fenland pike anglers with his unassuming approach.

He recently co-authored the acclaimed Fenland Pike with Mark Barrett - probably the definitive book on pike fishing the rivers and drains which lie between King's Lynn and Cambridge.

Denis is a bait angler who likes to keep on the move, favouring the leap-frogging style of mobile fishing. We'll catch up with him for a few more details at the Convention, but it's definitely one for the diary whether you're a seasoned hand or new to pike fishing.

Denis will be joining us at the William Burt Club, at West Winch, on Wednesday, October 26 (7.30pm).

We'll also be there to tell you about a few more talks and activities planned for the forthcoming winter.

Neville Fickling will be our speaker on Wednesday, November 30.

King's Lynn born and bred, Neville began his fishing career in short trousers on the banks of the Relief Channel, and went on to become one of the most successful pike anglers  of all time, catching a record fish from the Thurne along the way.

He's as prolific when it comes to writing about pike as he is at catching them, with countless books and articles to his name. Nowadays he runs a tackle shop and bait business, as well as editing Pike & Predators magazine - but still finds time to fish all over the British Isles.

This promises to be another superb evening's entertainment. 

We're lining up more speakers for later in the year and beyond. Until then, there are several ways you can keep in touch. Bookmark this blog and check back from time to time, subscribe by e-mail or follow @kingslynnpac on Twitter.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Free junior teach-ins at Pike Anglers Club Convention, at Kettering

Pike anglers will be spearheading the fight to get more youngsters on the bank, as Britain's top predator club throws open the doors of its annual convention to juniors - and it's only an hour or so up the road from King's Lynn.

Some of the sport's best-known figures will be running special teach-ins throughout the day at the Pike Anglers Club bash at Kettering Conference Centre on Saturday, October 1.
Mick Brown, Gord Burton, Denis Moules, David Wolsoncroft-Dodds, Alan Dudhill and Ashley Brown will be helping Eric Edwards run a series of hands-on workshops at the event.

With free admission to the Convention for accompanied juniors - and a free "goody bag" of tackle essentials for those joining on the day, the PAC hopes the programme will help encourage some of the pikers of the future.

"Several PAC regions now have qualified angling coaches within their ranks and many of them have offered their services to make it a great day for our younger pikers," said Eric.

"Mick Brown will be presenting the opening address at the junior event and we also have presentations by Gord Burton, Denis Moules and David Wolsoncroft-Doods."

Eric told Pikelines the emphasis would be "hands-on", with juniors getting the chance to build their own lure, make traces, learn about pike and try their hand at fly casting.

"The team of qualified coaches will be on hand to ensure no-one gets left out and give everyone one-to-one expert tuition," he went on.

"What's more, thanks to Alan Dudhill and Pikemaster Traces everyone who joins the PAC at the new greatly-reduced price of £7.50 will receive a "goody bag" containing lots of items that can get them started at fishing for pike."

Eric said he was determined to improve on the club's flagging junior membership and get more young people involved in our sport. It's an issue affecting the whole of angling - not just pike fishing.

"Over the past year, as I've come into contact with many young people at PAC-run coaching events, it's become clear that there is a great demand for proper pike fishing tuition," said Eric. "This is our opportunity to swing our club's resources into gear and deliver what the youngsters want.

"I want to make this appeal to regional organisers: Talk to your members and encourage them to bring along a kid to the PAC Convention 2011 - and help preserve the future of UK pike fishing."

Supporters Pikemaster and Pikepro will be donating a pair of forceps, float, lure trace, twin treble trace and other rig bits worth £20 for every junior who joins the PAC on the day.

The Convention is being held at Kettering Conference Centre on Saturday, October 1, 2011. Attractions include guest speakers Dave Horton, Micky Jones and Stephen Harper, along with stalls selling all this season's latest tackle.

Doors open 9am. Admission is £10 adult members, £15 non-members. For more information see the PAC website, or follow @pikelines on Twitter.