Wednesday, December 19, 2012

All aboard the Zandavan for a great night

What a great night's entertainment, courtesy of Barry 'Zandavan' McConnell. From zander in the Fens to giant eels Down Under, Zandavan had us hanging on every word - from his theories on finding zeds, think rocks and mussels; to his take on why they've declined, think mitten crabs.

Afterwards, he said coming to Lynn had brought back some memories and made him start thinking of a return to his beloved Relief Channel.

Big thanks to Barry (and Pete...) for making the long trip over from Shrewsbury. If you're thinking of ordering a DVD or buying a tagging gun, click here to check out his website.

Here's one of his vids:

+++Next meeting is Wednesday, January 30. Speaker TBA. Have a good Christmas and New Year - and hopefully a few fish. Chris and Ash.

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