Thursday, December 22, 2011

January meeting special guest is Mick Brown

Our special guest for January is the one and only Mick Brown.

Mick's been at the forefront of predator fishing for more than 20 years and is probably one of the best all-round pike anglers out there.

Needless to say, this is going to be an evening not to be missed and we're expecting a bumper turnout.

It's at the Wm Burt Club, West Winch, on Thursday, January 26 (7.30pm). We're having the meeting on a Thursday, because we can get the biggest room at the venue - please also note the slightly earlier start.

Got anything for our gallery..?

We started a gallery when we started this website, so we could host a few members' pictures. We know a few people have had decent fish of late, as things have been quietly picking up out there.

They don't have to be monsters. A fish you enjoyed catching, a pretty double or even a youngster's first jack are all worth sharing if they made someone smile.

You don't have to say where or when it was caught, just a few lines - ie drain pike on herring, only run of a slow day - will do.

Click here to see the pics uploaded so far. To add yours, e-mail it to kingslynnpac(at)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Derrick Amies - an interesting evening all round

We had high hopes we'd have a very different, even off-beat evening's entertainment when Derrick made the journey over from Gorleston to see us.

That proved to be spot-on, as the former record holder, who learned to fish the Broads with Norfolk legend Dennis Pye, got going.

He outlined his unique dumbell method, which he uses to systematically search out shallow bays for bigger fish - along with his thoughts on location and the kind of conditions that get them on the feed.

Thanks for a great evening Derrick - it gave everyone plenty to think about.

Speaker TBA for nedxt meeting, but it'll be at the Wm Burt in late January. Watch this space for details. And have a good Christmas - along with (hopefully...) a few pike.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Derrick Amies talk on Monday night

The wind may blow, come rain and snow - Derrick Amies has seen some mucky old weather in his time.

He's seen some very big old pike in his time too, including the record fish he had off the Thurne a few years back.

He's coming to Lynn (well, West Winch...) to tell us all about them on Monday night. It's at the Wm Burt, 7.30pm - click here for more details.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bob Harrod wins King's Lynn Christmas Pike Match

Bob Harrod went home £300 richer after winning our Christmas Pike Match with this 14lbs 6oz fish.

Bob's been in the wars a bit one way and another lately, so great to see things go his way today.

Nineteen diehards braved the gloomy conditions for today's bash on the Ouse at Ten Mile.

Bob ignored the favoured swims, dropping in a peg near Modney Bridge. He had his only run of the day an hour or so into the match on legered sardine.

Jordan Brown landed the only other fish caught, nicking a seven pounder on one of his old man Ashley's rods.

One competitor came all the way from Cheltenham to take part. Two juniors also stuck it out - Jordan and young Charlie, from Narborough, who tried his heart out all day.

Both youngsters are getting junior PAC memberships on us, to say well done for trying, on a day when the old fellas struggled.

Don't forget the next meeting's a week Monday, December 19, at the Wm Burt (7.30pm). Derrick Amies is guest speaker, which should make for an interesting evening. Click here for a bit more about that.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Derrick Amies talk in King's Lynn

And now for something completely different, like they used to say when Monty Python was a lad.

We've got former pike record holder Derrick Amies coming along to our next meeting on at the Wm Burt on Monday, December 19 (7.30pm).

He fished with the legendary Dennis Pye as a lad, learning the craft on the Thurne system.

Together they evolved the dumbell method of fishing livebaits. It flies in the face of the way most of us fish today, but it's caught a lot of big pike and on the right water, it's devastating.

It might just make for a fascinating evening - Derrick will be bringing a few bits and bobs with him, along with copies of his book.

There's more on that and Derrick in an interview from Pikelines, click here to read it.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Thanks to Neville for a great talk

Thanks to Neville for an interesting evening's entertainment - despite the odd hiccup on the technical front.

Best bit..? Was it barbel on lamprey (shh...), Nev's forthright views, or the Al Rawlings's trigger - wait until the temps start dropping and hit a water for 72 hours non-stop.

Talking of hiccups, we plan to get the technical side of things sorted before our next talk, which is Derrick Amies on Monday, December 19 - same place, same time.